Thursday, May 5, 2011


So...I just spent, oh, I don't know, an hour? 75 minutes? on a post. Aaaaaaaaand it's gone. Poof! Bye bye. And damn if it wasn't a good one. I'll have to collect the remnants of my thoughts and hopefully stitch them back together soon.  Until then, my friend Chris Stewart, of the Real Writer ( posted something to The Writer's Edge recently (, called "Seeing the Forest for the Trees." It's a great piece and one I'm hoping to weigh in on soon. I really think she nails the reasons why I'm having so much trouble with the novel. You should check it out and I'll check in soon, once I recover from hating my laptop and its overly-sensitive touchpad.  Arrrgh! <shakes fist>

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  1. You gotta love this crazy thing called writing. You're not accomplishing anything unless you feel like puking. If you feel like puking then you're really onto something!